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My hubby Chris and I have a blended family of 6 beautiful girls, now ranging from their late teens to late 20s, and are the proud Nana and Papa to 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson. I've been blessed to be a work from home mom since 2004, and have been a business/professional coach since 2010. Even though I love coaching, my style isn't duplicatable which rules out creating a passive income stream that would meet our needs as retirement grows closer. In 2016, Chris and I began searching for an opportunity to provide us with a substantial passive income that would allow us to work together, travel, and grow our retirement without being chained to a "job". We knew we didn't want to be a part of an MLM, and we wanted to find an opportunity we could truly stand behind and believe in. Hed recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, issues that were common in his family. Little did we know that the company behind the products we were introduced to in September 2016 would change not only our physical health, but our financial health as well. Since partnering with Stephanie Shaffer and Making A Healthy Living, our family has experienced more than we ever could have hoped. I consider it a privilege to now educate others the way I was educated about the dangers of toxins in everything from the foods we eat, to the household and personal products we use, and everything in-between. I believe knowledge is power, and my goal is to help empower others by sharing what our company has to offer and giving them healthier choices for themselves and their families.



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