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Growing up in a family consistently around construction, it made perfect sense when I ended up as an outside sales representative for a San Diego based Ready-Mix company. For 16 years, I represented them and during that time learned so much about customers, their need for attention to detail and how they depended on me for follow-through and accountability. I spent and additional four years managing a rock quarry which taught me about managing people, personalities, projects, customers and problems. My career was interesting and challenging, however, I really enjoyed it. The down side was the hours and never spending time with my family. I generally left at 6:30am and returned home around 7pm. Time freedom and retirement seemed really far away. So one day I made a decision to leave the industry and completely change my life. The choice was not simple. Job security versus something new and completely different. Today, I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. My health and quality of life is wonderful. I get to spend time with my family. We work together, travel together and just enjoy everything life has to offer us.



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