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I've been married for 22 years to my best friend and we have two great boys. My eldest son has Marfan Syndrome. This syndrome is a connective tissue disorder that affects his whole body. His health started to decline and the medical doctors didn't have many answers. It was then that we started the journey of learning, researching, and trying more holistic ways. I had been a nail technician and had ownership in a salon for the past 18 years, however, I decided I needed to focus on getting my son back on the path to better health. After leaving my career to focus on my family, I now had the time necessary to learn more about changes that would benefit my family. I started to study Naturopatic Health and made new discoveries everyday! I was searching for natural products to use in my home, it was then that I met my now business partner, Karen Scott. Since then I have become passionate about helping educate people about a healthier lifestyle. I want others to learn that there are options for better health for their families.


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