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I have spent my entire adult life in the sales industry and have enjoyed selling everything from long distance services, cars, merchant services and most recently website sales. Sales is a hard industry due to the unpredictable nature of the economy, marketplace and fluctuating customer demand for any given product. Add to these things, starting each month with a relatively blank slate is intimidating. When I found Making a Healthy Living, I had just entered my early 40’s and realized that my retirement plan wasn’t going to cut it. What I needed was a company that provided true residual income, something I could solidly count on to help ease the financial burden, both now and into my retirement years. I did some serious research and landed here at Making a Healthy Living and what a great decision it was! This company has changed me from the inside out. In less than a year, I went from thinking with a singular mindset of helping myself, to a mindset of really desiring to help others achieve their health and wellness goals along with their financial goals. I have found that this change of mindset has brought me lifelong friends and a healthier lifestyle with the bonus of making money along the way.



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