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I am a proud mom of two adult children. My background is in small business ownership and office management. In June of 2010, my life took an unexpected turn. I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Since that diagnosis, I have intentionally lived a healthy lifestyle. I had no family history of breast cancer or any kind of cancer whatsoever. I learned that 70%-80% of all cancers currently diagnosed are caused by poor diets and toxins that we are exposed to living everyday life. I became more cognizant of the toxins that go into common household products that people use on a daily basis and researched how to remove these toxins from my home.

Today, my family and I have embraced living in a safe home environment. I am passionate about educating others on how they too can live a healthier lifestyle and achieve the goal of living life on their own terms. As a small business owner, I have experienced the huge expense in having to maintain operating costs involved in running a business. With the company we partner with there is no overhead and absolutely no risk.



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